mercredi 10 septembre 2014

[vau020] mike north - circuitbent part 2

label: various and uneasy  / pertin-nce
cat. number: [vau020]
title : circuitbent part 2
artist: mike north

sounds like : experimental, electronic, beats, etc

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mercredi 12 mars 2014

[vau019] mt - go mebs

[vau019] mt - go mebs cover art

label : various and uneasy (pertin-nce)
cat. number : [vau019]
artist : mt
title : go-mebs

track listing:

1- go-mebs v1 (post edm rave version)
2- go mebs v2 (mood issues dub)
3- hello boom boom (lost version)

sounds like : techno, experimental, electronic, weird, dark

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